What do we do?

We want to offer a complete service that addresses your concerns, which is why we treat your pets from diagnosis to complicated surgical procedures and rehabilitation.

In the event of complicated cases, we cooperate with our large partner network in Estonia and Finland, which includes specialists from oncologists to neurosurgeons.


Veterinary diagnostics – before we start treatment, we have to find out what exactly is wrong with the animal. For this purpose, we do various lab tests, analyse blood, urine and stool samples, and we check game meat in the lab to make sure it contains no trichinella. In addition to lab tests, we perform ultrasound scans and x-rays to map the issues your pet may have and offer the best possible treatment.


Wouldn’t it be great if no one ever fell ill? Many health problems, infections and parasites can be prevented. There are efficient vaccines against illnesses of dogs, cats, rabbits and horses, and vaccination against rabies is required by the state. External and internal parasites can be successfully repelled to prevent problems like mange from contact with wild animals, and we do tapeworm control required before travelling to Finland.

We have performed parasite control on a black panther as well as a wolf…


If a health problem has emerged, it needs immediate, quick and effective treatment. Cooperation with the owner of the animal is important to us, as it helps us solve all problems efficiently and without stress. We treat internal and skin diseases and offer surgical and dental treatment. Our clinic has everything necessary to make your pet feel good and happy again.

Issue of travel documents

Travelling with pets is strictly regulated and to prevent having your pet end up in quarantine and suffering a lot of stress, you must ensure that all o travel documents are in order. We issue all necessary travel documents that meet the requirements of different countries so that you and your pet can discover the world with peace of mind.


Getting a pet is a great responsibility, especially when you’re doing so for the first time, so it is sensible to consult an expert beforehand. We offer consultations for future and existing pet owners, where we discuss some general things that should be kept in mind, the vaccines and procedures that are necessary to ensure that the pet is healthy and your life together is filled with fun and harmony.


Unfortunately, none of us live forever and we all leave something behind after our souls depart. Many of us don’t have gardens where we can bury our pets. We and our partners offer the option to have your pet incinerated or individually cremated (in this case, you will get the ashes in an urn).

Wild animals

Accidents happen to wild animals as well. In cooperation with the Environmental Board, the University of Life Sciences and the Estonian Wildlife Centre, we also treat injured wild animals and birds in Pärnu County.

For loyal customers

Our loyal customer system is extremely simple. If you have your pet vaccinated for the first time at our clinic, you will get loyal customer status for life for all of your family’s pets. Loyal customers get a 5% discount on all of our products and services as well as extra bonuses during campaigns.

Payment methods


Cash and card


Please note: Terveks LLC does not issue invoices for bank transfers.

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