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Grooming salon

Welcome, owner of a cat, dog, rabbit or any other pet! If your pet’s fur needs to be washed, brushed, cut or trimmed, or if the pet’s nails need to be cut, the grooming salon is the place you should visit!

If looking after your pet’s fur is difficult for you, we offer you our professional assistance and groom your pet from the tips of the ears to the end of the tail. The fur of pure-bred animals will be cut or trimmed according to the standard to make them ready for shows whilst mixed-breed dogs will be nicely groomed. The demand for grooming mixed-breed dogs has been surprisingly high and we’re more than happy to comply.

If washing your pet at home is difficult (your bathroom gets flooded, the pet’s undercoat stays wet, etc.), you can come to our salon for help. We will wash and dry your pet. We also remove matting from the fur of cats and brush them. The PLUSH Puppy grooming products used by professional handlers are also used at our salon.

Tel. +372 5645 5436
Your are served by Tiina Tohv, e-mail:

The grooming salon is open from Mon. to Fri. 10-15 and at other times if necessary

Please call and make an appointment in advance.

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